Susquehanna Health – Success with EHR integration

In theory, EHR integration can positively impact population health whenanalytics are applied to help translate raw data into actionable change. While most healthcare systems are moving in this direction, many are still striving to more to effectively utilize their data.

Susquehanna Health System, in Williamsport, Pa., is one institution that’s seen some sucesses on this front, by integrating their perioperative analytics tools from Surgical Information Systems with its EHR technology across its four campuses, including 30 operating rooms.

Integrating perioperative analytics has helped the health system bring down its average length of stay by 29 percent (from 4.7 days to 3.3), reduce its 30-day readmissions to below the national average and has placed them in the 100thpercentile in all areas of the Surgical Care Improvement Project, they say.

Moreover, as team members measure outcomes through data tracking, that’s allowing Susquehanna to meet all three Triple Aim goals and reduce workflow issues, while improving patient experience, productivity and outcomes.  The system is loaded with new data every day, while certain aspects create real-time monitoring for faster response times and reporting factors.

One of the biggest integration challenges was getting staff accustomed to electronic documentation, as many had used paper documentation for most of their careers. Education was crucial to ensure all were confident in its use. Staff were trained and tested with test patients and skilled supervisors.




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