Texas Health Resources CEO admits staff not fully trained before Ebola outbreak

Dr. Anthony Fauci, who heads the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told ABC’s “This week” on Sunday that those caring for an Ebola patient in Dallas were left vulnerable because some of their skin was showing.

Experts from the humanitarian medical aid group Doctors Without Borders have criticized the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s safety protocols for handling Ebola as lax. The CDC has since revised its guidelines and is working on further revisions.

Berdan’s letter said the hospital has already revised its procedures by instructing frontline healthcare workers in proper donning and doffing techniques for protective gear. It has instituted a “buddy system” for its care teams and improved the electronic medical record system, Berdan said.

The health system had previously said that a flaw in its EHR system led to Duncan’s initial misdiagnosis, but later retracted that statement.

Like past statements by the company, Berdan took another jab at the media, blaming news outlets for promulgating incorrect information about the hospital and its staff.

“Based on what we already know, I can tell you that many of the theories and allegations being presented in the media do not align with facts stated in the medical record and the accounts of caregivers who were present on the scene,” Berdan wrote.

And the CEO of Texas Resources admitted his organization was less than prepared to handle Ebola well.  There are efforts to learn from this experience and apply it for future cases.

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