What CEOs think of candidates’ healthcare ideas
This is my site Written by Alex on May 23, 2016 – 6:27 pm

The overwhelming message from the survey, which covered a range of issues raised on the campaign trail this year, was that the next president and Congress should stay the course set by President Barack Obama and the ACA. But healthcare leaders are also looking for the nation’s political leadership to reject complacency and look for ways to improve what they see as a far-from- perfect piece of legislation.

While the Republican Party and its presumptive nominee, businessman Donald Trump, continue to stand by their “repeal and replace” slogan, the sector’s CEOs overwhelmingly reject that idea, in large part because they are unimpressed with the GOP’s attempts to articulate what it would replace it with.

The CEO Power Panel includes 110 top leaders of hospitals, insurance companies, physician groups, trade associations and other not-for-profit advocacy groups. The second-quarter survey on policy options that the next president and Congress might address attracted 86 respondents, a 78% response rate.

More than two-thirds of the CEOs declared outright that they opposed repealing and replacing the ACA, and nearly all the rest said it depends on how that might be done. Only 2.3% of respondents endorsed that approach.

While only 34.9% of respondents said they wanted to expand the ACA to achieve universal coverage, which has been central to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s health policy proposals, half of all respondents said they were open to the idea but wanted to see more details.

When asked about creating a single-payer system such as an expanded and enhanced Medicare program in place of private insurance, less than 10% supported the idea and 61.6% flatly rejected it. The rest said it depended on the details.

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