After New Hampshire victory, Sanders reaffirms single-payer stance
This is my site Written by Alex on February 10, 2016 – 8:46 am

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and his vision of single-payer healthcare won the night in New Hampshire for Democrats. Donald Trump, who has shared less about his healthcare views but once also favored a more centralized insurance system, came in first for the Republican field.

Both were declared winners of the New Hampshire primary by wide margins as soon as the polls closed. Sanders was nearly tied with Hillary Clinton at the Iowa caucuses last week. Trump came in second to Texas Sen. Ted Cruz in Iowa.

Exit polls showed issues like income inequality and the economy as the top concerns for Democratic voters in New Hampshire while terrorism and the economy were top of mind for Republican voters. They also show that the majority of the Medicare-eligible age group, those 65 and older, voted for Clinton.

The expected result is nevertheless a blow to the Clinton campaign. She has pushed back recently on Sanders’ Medicare-for-all plan, saying there is no chance it would pass in Congress and that the nation should instead focus on building on the successes of the Affordable Care Act.

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