Broward Health under federal and state probes after CEO’s suicide
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Broward Health reportedly is under two investigations, one federal, another state, that have come to light after the recent suicide of the system’s CEO.

The FBI is looking into claims of corruption following evidence gathered by a corporate private investigator allegedly hired by Dr. Nabil El Sanadi, according to a not-for-profit investigative journalism organization.

El Sanadi shot himself last month in the lobby bathroom of his Lauderdale-by-the-Sea condo building. But for the past year, investigator Wayne Black said he had been meeting El Sanadi in restaurants and at the hospital executive’s home because El Sanadi feared his office was bugged, according to an e-mail obtained by the Florida Bulldog.

Just hours after El Sanadi’s funeral last week, Black told Broward Health’s general counsel that his evidence had led to the FBI investigation.

Black’s previous investigations resulted in the 2003 conviction of Broward Health Chief Financial Officer Patricia Mahaney for embezzlement, the Sun Sentinel reported.

Broward Health attacked Black in a statement released Tuesday, saying he failed to fulfill his obligations, acted unprofessionally and was belligerent to Broward Health personnel,according to the Sun Sentinel. The system reportedly asked Black to cease all services on behalf of Broward Health in early October.

Neither the FBI nor Broward Health have confirmed that an investigation is ongoing.

But the FBI probe would be one of at least two facing Broward Health.

Florida Bulldog claims Florida’s chief inspector general, who works for Gov. Rick Scott, sent a letter dated the day of El Sanadi’s funeral to Broward Health Chairman David Di Pietro. The letter outlined plans to conduct a review of all contracts the system has entered into since July 1, 2012, the report said.

Di Pietro has called a Feb. 10 special meeting of the hospital district board to discuss the two investigations.

In September, Broward Health agreed to pay $69.5 million to settle allegationsthat it illegally paid nine doctors for referrals.

As part of the deal, the U.S. Justice Department required the system sign agreements to disclose financial arrangements with doctors and vendors, develop a new code of conduct and establish ethics training for personnel.

The Florida Bulldog reports that has led to a “doctors rebellion” at Broward Health, with physicians refusing to sign and the hospital’s board warning those who don’t sign that their privileges may be suspended. Physicians say the agreements are vague and could leave them vulnerable to legal actions.

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