Does eye color link to Alcoholism?

Apparently, it does.  A new study out of the University of Vermont suggests that the link not only exists, but it appears to be a genetic one.   People with blue eyes really run a higher risk of being alcoholics.  Reporting in the American Journal of Medical Genetics Part B: Neuropsychiatric Genetics, the researchers find that among European-Americans, those with light-colored eyes — described as ones that are green, gray, and brown in the center — have higher rates of alcohol dependency than Euro-Americans with dark brown eyes; that link is strongest in blue-eyed people. It’s not the first time the eye color-alcohol link has been found: A 2000 study arrived at a similar conclusion, noting that among one sample set of women, dark-eyed females averaged 4.91 drinks in the last month to light-eyed females’ 5.78

M&A News – Centene Corp. to purchase Health Net for about $6.8 billion

Health Net, a Woodland Hills, Calif.-based insurer that operates mostly in California and Arizona, has benefited from insurance expansion under the Affordable Care Act. The company reported a surge in first-quarter growth from rising enrollment in Medicaid.

The company operates Medicaid managed care in Arizona, California, Oregon and Washington, states where Medicaid managed care is widely prevalent. Roughly 90% of Oregon’s Medicaid enrollees were in managed care as of last September, data from the Kaiser Family Foundation show. In Arizona, California and Washington, the figures are 88%, 71% and 79%.

Centene, based in St. Louis, has enjoyed a rise in revenue and profits this year as states increase the use of Medicaid managed care and the company expands its reach. In the first quarter, Centene said about 90 cents of every premium dollar went toward medical claims for Medicaid members.

The deal must win approval from shareholders and state and antitrust regulators. It is expected to close early next year.