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What CEOs think of candidates’ healthcare ideas

Icon Written by Alex on May 23, 2016 – 6:27 pm

The overwhelming message from the survey, which covered a range of issues raised on the campaign trail this year, was that the next president and Congress should stay the course set by President Barack Obama and the ACA. But healthcare leaders are also looking for the nation’s political leadership to reject complacency and look for ways to [...]

What’s the matter with Florida? Healthcare fraud continues despite enforcement efforts

Icon Written by Alex on May 9, 2016 – 10:42 am

The Florida system’s CEO committed suicide in January, the state is looking into allegations of fraud, waste and abuse, and the governor accused two board members of interfering with that investigation and suspended them. Last year, the system agreed to pay nearly $70 million to settle allegations that it gave doctors excessive salaries in exchange for [...]

CMS caves to drugmakers’ plea, partially delays enforcement of Medicaid drug rule

Icon Written by Alex on April 5, 2016 – 7:40 pm

Drug manufacturers are breathing a sigh of relief after the CMS announced it will delay enforcement of a rule that changes the way state Medicaid agencies reimburse pharmacies for prescription drugs. The CMS pushed back the enforcement date for inhalation, infusion, instilled, implanted or injectable drugs to July. Pharmaceutical companies wanted a delay until October. On April [...]

Joel Allison to step down as CEO of Baylor Scott & White

Icon Written by Alex on March 3, 2016 – 3:52 pm

Joel Allison, the longtime CEO of Dallas-based Baylor Scott & White Health, will step down from the sprawling, not-for-profit hospital system early next year. He will assist in finding his successor. Allison joined Baylor’s health system in 1993 as chief operating officer and was promoted to the corner office in 2000. Allison and his wife, [...]

Medicare Advantage payment rates for 2017 will rise by 1.35%

Icon Written by Alex on February 21, 2016 – 7:15 am

Baseline Medicare Advantage payment rates for 2017 will rise by 1.35% on average, an early win for health insurance companies in what is the final Medicare rate battle of the Obama administration. When factoring in the risk coding tendencies, the average change in Medicare Advantage insurers’ revenue will climb 3.55% next year, according to a CMS [...]

After New Hampshire victory, Sanders reaffirms single-payer stance

Icon Written by Alex on February 10, 2016 – 8:46 am

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and his vision of single-payer healthcare won the night in New Hampshire for Democrats. Donald Trump, who has shared less about his healthcare views but once also favored a more centralized insurance system, came in first for the Republican field. Both were declared winners of the New Hampshire primary by wide margins as soon as [...]

Broward Health under federal and state probes after CEO’s suicide

Icon Written by Alex on February 3, 2016 – 8:12 pm

Broward Health reportedly is under two investigations, one federal, another state, that have come to light after the recent suicide of the system’s CEO. The FBI is looking into claims of corruption following evidence gathered by a corporate private investigator allegedly hired by Dr. Nabil El Sanadi, according to a not-for-profit investigative journalism organization. El [...]

Ruling throws Illinois hospitals’ tax exemptions into question

Icon Written by Alex on January 10, 2016 – 4:01 pm

An Illinois appeals court has ruled that a law defining what not-for-profit hospitals have to do to get tax breaks is unconstitutional. The ruling is yet another setback for not-for-profit hospitals, which have come under increased scrutiny in recent years over their tax exemptions. The 2012 Illinois law was meant to provide clarity around exemptions for hospitals. [...]

Medical schools need to catch up with telemedicine advances

Icon Written by Alex on December 16, 2015 – 6:50 pm

Telemedicine is going to keep expanding, and the medical educational establishment needs to ensure that new doctors have the skills and understanding to use the technology effectively and ensure proper quality of care. So argue a group of educators from the University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine in an editorial recently published in [...]

Simple Saliva Test Could Replace Blood Tests for Heart Failure

Icon Written by Alex on December 16, 2015 – 4:27 pm

Research on a new non-invasive method of screening for the “silent killer,” heart failure, by testing saliva instead of blood being developed at QUT, has received a $75,000 Heart Foundation Vanguard Grant. Associate Professor Chamindie Punyadeera from QUT’s Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation (IHBI) said the aim of the research project was to produce [...]